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Robert Skyner – Further Success in “Early Onset” Holiday Illness Claim

Working alongside Instructing Solicitor John Eastham of Abbey Solicitors, Robert Skyner has successfully obtained judgment at trial for a British couple who contracted an illness whilst on holiday in Dominical Republic.

The judgment is particularly notable for two reasons: First, it was an “early onset” case, with illness occurring in the first 48 hours after arrival in resort; Second, TUI UK Limited had defended the Claim aggressively and accused the Claimants of fraud and exaggeration. The Claimants obtained judgment following trial at Cambridge County Court.

The First Claimant contracted a severe gastro-intestinal illness on the second day of a fourteen day holiday. The second Claimant succumbed to illness a day later.

Despite additional medical evidence in support of the claim being excluded at the start of the trial, persuasive closing submissions from Robert tipped the balance and ensured the Claimants case concluded successfully.

This result provides continued evidence of Robert’s expertise in this difficult field and shows the benefits of the close working relationship that many members of Chambers have with Instructing Solicitors.

About Robert

Robert is an experienced Civil Practitioner with an emphasis on all types of personal injury work. He is Joint Head of Chambers and Head of the Civil Team. He has a wealth of experience in holiday illness claims, and despite the robust approach being taken by many Defendants he has secured numerous successful settlements for his clients, both at trial and via negotiation. Many firms now approach Robert during the pre-litigation stages of potential claims in order to utilise his expertise and ensure that these complex claims are dealt with in an effective and thorough manner.

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