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Pupils’ Diary – A View From Our Future

At 39 Park Square we take immense pride in our pupillage program. We have a policy of providing pupillage with a view to offering tenancy. Our aim is to recruit candidates who have the potential to reach the very top of the profession. With that in mind we recruit candidates of the highest calibre. However, we not only look for those with exceptional academic ability but also those who have something extra to offer.

During the course of their training, our current pupils, Victoria Barker and Shawn Morales will be providing regular updates on their life at the sharp end of pupillage.

The fifth instalment is provided by Victoria Barker. You can view Victoria’s profile here

In my last diary entry, I talked about the calibre of work that I have observed throughout pupillage. Since I wrote that entry, I have now completed my first six of pupillage and I am 3 weeks into my second six. In this entry I am going to talk about how I prepared for second six and what I have been doing during my first 3 weeks ‘on my feet’.

Chambers recognise that although it is very interesting and important for pupils to observe serious and high profile cases in the Crown Court, it is equally important for pupils to observe the type of work and cases that they will be instructed in during second six and at the beginning of their careers. I am fortunate that during my first six, that whilst I have been exposed to extremely serious and complex cases before Crown Court, I have also been exposed to less serious Crown Court cases and Magistrates and Youth Court Cases. I have spoken previously about the cases I have observed with my pupil supervisor, Nick Adlington and you can read about that in my previous diary entry.

Alongside the serious cases I have also observed a variety of junior members of chambers in the lower Courts. I have observed junior members both prosecuting and defending in the Magistrates and Youth Courts. I have also spent time observing less serious cases in the Crown Court including probation breaches and committals for sentence. Every member of chambers who I have observed has given me lots of helpful hints and tips on how to deal with a wide variety of cases and common issues which arise in the lower Courts. They have also assisted me with understanding what paper work is required to be completed in each case. I have found this experience invaluable. This exposure allowed me to feel confident going into my second six as I had a good understanding of the type of cases I would be instructed in, how to deal with common issues which would arise and the protocols that I needed to comply with when instructed by the Crown Prosecution Service.

For the last 3 weeks, I have been instructed in a variety of cases. I have been instructed to represent a defendant in a full day trial for an offence of arson without intent to endanger life. I have been instructed in several Youth Court trials, one of which involved complex expert evidence relating to mobile phone cell site analysis alongside extensive amount of medical evidence. I have been instructed by the Crown Prosecution Service to conduct Magistrates Court trials and have also been instructed to prosecute in the guilty plea Court and remand Court.

I truly believe that the experience and exposure that I have gained during first six has given me a solid foundation that I can build upon. It has enabled me to go into my second six confident that I can adequately defend or prosecute a variety of cases. I can now begin building on that foundation throughout second six and develop and progress my skills, knowledge and career further.

Check back with us every couple of weeks to catch up on our pupils’ journey and follow them as they take the first steps towards becoming future stars at the Bar.

Chambers pupillage competition for 2017 is now closed. You can view Chambers pupillage information here