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Pupils’ Diary – A View From Our Future

At 39 Park Square we take immense pride in our pupillage program. We have a policy of providing pupillage with a view to offering tenancy. Our aim is to recruit candidates who have the potential to reach the very top of the profession. With that in mind we recruit candidates of the highest calibre. However, we not only look for those with exceptional academic ability but also those who have something extra to offer.

During the course of their training, our current pupils, Victoria Barker and Shawn Morales will be providing regular updates on their life at the sharp end of pupillage.

The fourth instalment is provided by Shawn Morales. You can view Shawn’s profile here

Just over 6 weeks to the start of my second six and since my last update, my pupil supervisor and I have been going through the pupillage check list in order to complete what is required by the BSB. I am happy to say that most of the boxes are ticked now. The latest tasks of note were drafting Defence Statement, response to an application to stay the proceedings (for abuse of process), drafting Agreed Facts and application to adduce hearsay evidence.

Moreover, as part of pupillage we were required to undertake and successfully complete an advocacy exercise/course. This was very much like a mini-trial. Pupils had been given a civil case and instructed to represent one of the lay clients in the case. I was given the Complainant in this case for which I was the first counsel to open the case. I went on to do examination-in-chief of my client (although unusual in civil proceedings this was done as a learning exercise) and cross-examination of two Defendants. These were followed by closing speeches.

The session was run by a Queens Counsel and two senior members of the Bar. Their role was to pick up on mistakes/weaknesses, demonstrate the correct way of dealing/performing and to give advice on individual performances. Everything went smoothly and all the pupils in my group managed to obtain a competent, or above, mark. It was a very constructive/informative day during which we were fortunate enough to observe some of the best advocates at work.

There is also an Interlocutory exercise which will be held next week. In this exercise I am asked to make an application for an interim injunction on behalf of the Claimant.

Lastly, today I came across an interesting situation at court. It was a part heard trial (end of prosecution case) in which two of the Prosecution witnesses had given inconsistent evidence regarding the alleged incident. The Prosecution Counsel formed a view that as a result there was no longer a realistic prospect of conviction. It is important to note that the CPS is under a continuous duty to review the evidence in order to satisfy the threshold test. In this instance the Crown offered no evidence and a not guilty verdict was given on the indictment.

Check back with us every couple of weeks to catch up on our pupils’ journey and follow them as they take the first steps towards becoming future stars at the Bar.

The application window for 2017 is now closed. For future reference you can view Chambers pupillage information here