Monthly Archives: July 2019


Nicki Forster successfully appeals Secretary of State’s refusal to grant Her client and his family asylum this week.

Having recently returned to Chambers following a period of leave to start a family Nicki has already had successes in both the First-tier and Upper-tier of the Immigration and Asylum Tribunal.  Following submissions made by Ms Forster during a hearing this week in the First-tier tribunal, her client’s appeal was allowed against the Home Office’s […]

Jessica successfully prosecutes house burglar who tried to evade police

  Jessica Randell appeared for the prosecution at the trial of Darren Fellows at Bradford Crown Court on the 24th June 2019. Mr Fellows faced charges of dwelling house burglary, theft, dangerous driving and associated driving offences. In total, over £50, 000 worth of designer items and two vehicles were taken during the course of the […]