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Private costs information

Arrangements for obtaining quotes for privately paid work vary depending on the nature of the case and the particular barrister sought.

Barristers who have “direct access” qualifications may be contacted direct for a fee quotation. Please consult the individual barrister’s webpage profile where such an arrangement is desired. Please see the following link for the Bar Standards Board guidance on such arrangements.

BSB direct access handbook

Fees for instructing barristers who do not have “direct access” qualifications will always be quoted by the clerk’s room.

For private motoring cases a fixed fee will usually be agreed. Such a fee will vary depending on the seniority of the barrister it is sought to instruct.

Fees for other crime cases may be agreed on either a fixed fee or hourly rate basis. Negotiation for fees on either basis will be guided by, amongst other things, the following factors:
• Seniority of the barrister instructed
• The gravity of the case
• The complexity of the case
• The timescale for the case

For most criminal cases the timescale to conclusion will be managed by the court hearing the case. The powers of case management in the Magistrates and Crown Courts are rigorously exercised and an individual barrister’s influence on them is usually minimal

More detailed fee information about personal injury work can be found here. Personal injury terms and conditions