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Pupils’ Diary – A View From Our Future

At 39 Park Square we take immense pride in our pupillage program. We have a policy of providing pupillage with a view to offering tenancy. Our aim is to recruit candidates who have the potential to reach the very top of the profession. With that in mind we recruit candidates of the highest calibre. However, we not only look for those with exceptional academic ability but also those who have something extra to offer.

During the course of their training, our current pupils, Victoria Barker and Shawn Morales will be providing regular updates on their life at the sharp end of pupillage.

The fourth instalment is provided by Shawn Morales. You can view Shawn’s profile here

I have been on my feet for just over 5 weeks now.

During that time I have conducted several effective summary trials including youth trials. I have also conducted a range of magistrates’ court prosecutions on behalf of the CPS including sentencing, committals for sentence, simple mentions, whole day’s lists, remand courts, road traffic courts, GAP courts, contested bail application hearings, contested Criminal Behaviour Orders and appeal hearings.

I have also appeared at Leeds crown court prosecuting on behalf of the CPS at sentencing hearings sent from magistrates’ courts and breach of suspended sentences on behalf of the National Probation Service.

CPS cases come with a Hearing Record Sheet (HRS) which needs to be completed and sent individually before 10 am the next working day. I have to say that in the first few days it is almost impossible to even look at these in court. In my first day I had 18 cases. By the time I finished in court at 17.30, I already had 8 trial bundles emailed to me for the next day; with 18 HRSs to complete. I finished at 4am. Although it is hard to describe the level of stress and pressure felt in the first few days, the good news is it gets easier quite quickly. I now manage to complete each HRS before I start the next case and I certainly do not need to work until 4am.

Due to the volume of work and unforeseen complications cases are often sent from one court to another. As prosecuting agents we are required to deal with these cases, usually with minutes to prepare.  Last Friday I was given a trial bundle with 2 live witnesses at 12.45 to commence at 2pm on the same day. This was something I could not have imagined to be capable of doing 4 weeks ago.

Check back with us every couple of weeks to catch up on our pupils’ journey and follow them as they take the first steps towards becoming future stars at the Bar.

The application window for 2017 is now closed. For future reference you can view Chambers pupillage information here